Your Free Complyt Survival Guide to U.S. Sales Tax

Even for the experienced, staying compliant with the U.S. sales tax system can be an epic adventure in frustration. But fear not! Your guide is as plain-talking as Yoda. 
(And as wise.)

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So, is it worth the download?

  • Grasp the basics of U.S. sales tax and how it affects your business
  • Understand why 'Nexus' makes the multiverse look basic
  • See how you can determine the taxability of your products and services across multiple jurisdictions
  • Know the essentials of sales tax registration and collection
  • Learn about tax exemptions and maintain compliance
  • Master the process of reporting and filing sales tax returns.

Key chapters

  1. 1Understanding U.S. Sales Tax Basics
  2. 2The Nexus Plexus
  3. 3Taxable Products and Services
  4. 4Sales Tax Registration and Collection
  5. 5Exempt or Exposed?
  6. 6Reporting and Filing Sales Tax Returns
  7. 7Confident Compliance with Complyt